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Successful Work Team
Your Success is Our Success

“TCS has done amazing things for our Steiners Jewelry web presence. They have dialed in our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Our Steiners social pages are always up-to-date and growing on a regular basis. The targeted ad campaigns they are running reach the right people and we couldn't be happier!”

Mike D.

“I have been consulting with Brian for over two years now. His knowledge and understanding of advertising and management of social media has helped our company grow our name and standing in our industry. We are now starting to build our web site and he is helping us with that as well.”

Warren G.

“TCS has done an outstanding job with our social media program. It’s growing fast and reach is way up. Brian has also helped with new website pages, testimonials, and drafted our Customer Feedback Program. We are very happy with the level of dedication and commitment.”

Todd H.

“I have been working with Brian to help my company grow our online presence and cannot say enough good things about the services he offers.”

Graham H.

“I’m so pumped after meeting with Brian - he knows his stuff and really helped me. Don't hesitate, contact him!”

Susan G.

“Brian was invaluable in launching my social media strategy and campaign. My social pages and presence are growing steadily and he has helped create my platform for my upcoming venture. His professionalism, creativity, and love for marketing is impressive.”

Jeff S.

“Brian is very passionate about his work with The Tower Theatre Social Media Marketing Team. His ability to recruit members of the community, interview, hire, train and manage Social Media Interns is impressive. He imparts his social media knowledge on them making the experience truly beneficial for everyone involved. It has been a pleasure working with Brian.”

Hannah Y.

“Brian is an expert, with a proven track record, at promoting businesses on Facebook. In my class with him today, he took the fear and mystery out of managing my own business Facebook page. Brian clearly explained how to set up my page, and grow my reach and likes. As with anything, knowledge is power. I’d highly recommend contacting him for a consultation or hiring him to promote your business on Facebook.”

Renee M.

“Brian has a natural talent for marketing and sales results, along with his high energy level, and ability to create a positive team environment make him an asset to any web marketing endeavor. He always gives above and beyond what is expected and is forward thinking.”

Randen T.

“Tompkins Consulting Services set us up for success! Brian and his team took our almost non-existent Facebook page to a new level. He has a keen way of navigating the platform so that we are out in front of the public eye in a positive light. Brian is beyond savvy when it comes to managing social media systems and we highly recommend him and his services!”

Amara S.

“Brian has a passion for marketing that I rarely see. He continually sees marketing opportunities everywhere he goes, whether it's on the job or even when shopping at local businesses. He also has the skills to back up the passion. He's an expert in campaign management and advertising. Plus, he's a joy to work with.”

Dustin D.

“I feel privileged to have worked with Brian at The Tower. Thanks to his strategy, management, guidance and creativity, the team he recruited have been able to take the Theatre's Social Media to new levels. He has launched programs that increased likes and reach on a consistent basis. Thanks to efforts like this, Facebook can now drive ticket sales.”

Claire J.

“Brian is exceptional in the realm of Marketing. His business acumen is peerless, and he strives for and achieves results that are second to none. He constantly researches the newest marketing strategies, and implements those that are relative to our company needs and development. His devotion to bringing our company to the forefront of Software development is monumental, and he should always be considered a leader in this field.”

Daniel S.

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